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Facebook Posts About Little Girls on The First Day of School:

  • “Ready for another exciting year at Taft Elementary! Our little Kimberly missed all of her friends!”
  • “Gracie loves her Paw Patrol backpack! So psyched about kindergarten!”
  • “Third grade, here we come! Kelsey is growing up so fast!”
  • “No fears about second grade. Sophia couldn’t wait to get on the bus!”
  • “Math is fun! Here’s a video of Olivia explaining the Pythagorean theorem. Look out, first grade!”

Facebook Posts About Little Boys on the First Day of School:

  • “First day of kindergarten for Tyler. Wish us luck.”
  • “This is the best photo we could get for Jacob’s first day of second grade. We practically had to drag him out of bed.”
  • “If nose-picking is a 1st grade subject, Declan will sail through with flying colors—all of them gross.”
  • “That blur you see is our son as we attempted a back-to-school pic. Prayers for his teacher and classmates.”
  • “And, so it begins…”

Sad boy