The presidential race has me feeling nostalgic about the Frank Underwood administration, where most of the corruption and skulduggery is behind the scenes and not on CNN and Fox News every day. I’m re-blogging this in honor of the new season of House of Cards that Netflix launched today. And I hope you’ll consider voting for Frank and Claire in 2016–are they really much worse than the real candidates?

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If you are among the millions of Americans who subscribe to NetFlix, you probably know that Frank Underwood is the scheming, manipulative, smooth-as-molasses congressman played by Kevin Spacey in the popular political series, House of Cards. If you are not familiar with Frank Underwood, but plan on binge-watching House of Cards before the third season comes out in February, you might stop reading this post now. I may or may not have included a few spoilers. As Francis Underwood might say, consider yourself duly warned.

Even though a few of Frank Underwood’s actions and deceptions while consolidating political power seem far-fetched, most of us accept the idea that the halls of the U.S. Capitol are teeming with charming, well-dressed sociopaths. That’s why House of Cards works – it feeds off of and heightens our cynical perception of D.C. politics. “Yep,” you might say after watching Frank Underwood’s latest late-night…

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