Re-posting because: 1.) It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, 2.) I really like this post, and, 3.) Someone needs to keep the memory of “Alice” alive.

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Painting the street green is apparently another St. Paddy's tradition in Rolla, Mo. Painting the street green is apparently another St. Paddy’s tradition in Rolla, Mo.
St. Patrick’s Day at the University of Missouri at Rolla, we were told, was a really big deal. The town celebrated with a massive parade. There were keg parties all over campus. For one wild weekend in March, we were told, everyone in the state descended upon tiny Rolla for a raucous green-beer celebration.

“And you won’t believe the women,” said our friend Bennett, who had studied a semester at UM-Rolla before transferring to Mizzou. “There’ll be beautiful women everywhere.”

It didn’t dawn on our college freshmen minds that there were plenty of parties and beautiful (read: unattainable) women where we currently studied in Columbia. St. Patrick’s Day in Rolla, we believed after weeks of hearing about it from Bennett, was on a whole different level. The 1990 celebration would be the biggest one yet. So…

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