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I started my blog, A Place for My Stuff, back in January of 2013. Today, 119 posts later, I still have so many things I want to share with you all. I hesitated for years to launch a writer’s blog because I thought it would turn into a grind, and that I would quickly run out of things to write about.

Boy, was I wrong.

Over the past 22 months, I have written about a diverse array of subjects, including parenthood, book reviews, current events, sports, social media and the occasional quirky work of fiction. I have averaged at least one post a week during a period when I lost my father, got laid off from Hallmark, found a new job, published my first novel and, of course, continued to be a husband and a father and a pet owner. Despite all the complications of modern life, I managed to find new, interesting things to write about. I discovered that maintaining a blog was actually fun, and served as a creative spark for my writing. It has also been gratifying to receive comments and feedback from my 163 subscribers, as well as others who have visited the blog.

That being said, I am going to take a little time away from A Place for My Stuff in order to concentrate on writing my second novel. I am about 130 pages into the new book, but my progress has stalled as I have focused most of my creative energy on promoting A Plot for Pridemore and updating the blog. I will still post from time to time but, for the next three months or so, I want to focus my limited “writing time” on the new book.

In the meantime, thanks for reading and following my blog. Feel free to check back anytime to see if there is anything new. I look forward to sharing some more information about my next novel when I feel that I have something worthwhile to report.