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Here are the 10 things I do every Monday morning to ensure that I have the most successful, productive work week possible. Some Mondays, I do not get through all of these steps, but this has proven to be a very effective day-starting process for me:

  • Wake up. Almost nothing can be accomplished if you are asleep.
  • Turn off the clock alarm. I have mine set to a country music station, and it is just really annoying if I let it keep playing.
  • Shower. Good hygiene is an important aspect of success!
  • Dress. Nakedness is an advantage in only a few select professions and scenarios.
  • Eat something. Feel free to mix this one up. Some days, you might crave breakfast cereal. On other days, you might prefer a bran muffin. Experiment!
  • Turn off your curling iron, or any other device you use to get ready that could potentially burn down your home.
  • Remember your keys. This is an important aspect of starting your car. If you use public transportation, you may still need your keys to get back inside your home.
  • Bring blankets. If you live in a frigid part of the country and there is a possibility of driving through a snowstorm, you should have blankets in your car in case you get stuck.
  • Use your mirrors. Rear- and side-view mirrors are invaluable tools that help you monitor traffic around you while driving to your workplace. These mirrors can also help you spot facial hair or smeared makeup that could cause embarrassment among your colleagues.
  • Bring treats. This is the most critical aspect to your Monday morning routine. Studies show that 87% of workers who received a promotion in 2013 regularly brought food into the office for coworkers to consume. These can be donuts, bagels or even, on rare occasions, scones. Be sure to send an email out with the subject line, “Treats.” It is vital that you copy your supervisor on this email.
  • Stephen Roth is author of the award-winning novel, A Plot for Pridemore. Learn more about Stephen and his book here.