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The books have arrived – all one hundred copies! What a thrill it is to see A Plot for Pridemore for the first time as a paperback. Thanks so much to the team at Mercer University Press for bringing this dream to life. The cover illustration is even more beautiful than when I first saw it weeks ago in jpg form.

The night the boxes of books arrived, I pulled one copy out and leafed through it. It was a very quiet, satisfying feeling, as well as one of relief. After writing, and re-writing and re-writing again, after reading and fine-tuning the same chapters countless times, my work on this book is finally done. It is now out there for others to read. Hopefully, most readers will be entertained. Hopefully, A Plot for Pridemore will find its audience.

Even though sites like Amazon.com have the release date as May 30, you can order A Plot for Pridemore now and receive it in a few days. If you are more of a Kindle and Nook person, it will be available in ebook form at the end of the month. Book reviews will start appearing in the coming weeks, and I will re-post them here unless they are absolutely scathing. Okay, maybe I will post those reviews, too. I will also launch a website, http://www.plotforpridemore.com, within a few days.

Now if you’re excuse me, I’ve got to go figure out a way to sell a hundred copies of my book.