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One of my best friends from college won’t stop teasing me about at brief time in the 1990s when I used to wear a Cosby Show-inspired sweater that featured the American flag. The issue reared its ugly head again recently when the U.S. Winter Olympics Team walked into the opening ceremonies wearing hideous American flag sweaters designed by Ralph Lauren.

My friend, as a joke, decided to send me a patriotic sequin vest for my birthday and, I suppose, for me to wear during the Olympics. Here I am in my new vest:
I am a pretty good sport about my taste in clothes. However, I was a little insulted when the manufacturer of the sequin vest sent me another vest exactly like it a few days later:
I am guessing this was an inventory error on the part of the sequin vest company. Should I return it, or “pay it forward” by giving my extra vest to another friend who needs a boost in patriotic spirit? Or should I keep them both, secure in knowing that I have a back-up in case my first vest wears out or is ruined?