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Meet Randle Patrick McMurphy.
His friends call him R.P., for short.
R.P. is one lazy guy.
He’s so lazy, in fact, that one day
he decides he’s not going to chop wood
in the work camp anymore.

So R.P. starts acting silly all the time.
He is so good at acting silly that the people
in charge of him can’t stand
being around him anymore.
They send R.P. to a really big hospital
where he can get his sillies out.
R.P. is delighted.
At last, he doesn’t have to work anymore.

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R.P. makes lots of friends among the men
at the hospital, and they play lots of games.
His best friend is a really tall Native American
named Chief.
Chief doesn’t talk, which may be why R.P.
likes him so much.

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This pleasant-looking lady is Nurse Ratched.
She is in charge of R.P. and his friends
at the hospital.
Nurse Ratched makes R.P. and his friends
talk about their feelings.
Sometimes she makes them feel guilty
for being in the hospital.
Sometimes pleasant-looking people
aren’t really so pleasant, after all.

R.P. and his friends have some good times.
One day, they play basketball.
Another day, they go on a fishing trip.
Another day, they invite some girls to the hospital.
Nurse Ratched doesn’t like this.
She thinks the men are being lazy, like R.P.

Nurse Ratched gets very upset with R.P.
His silly adventures make her job hard.
She has a doctor do an operation on him
that will get the sillies out.
In fact, it does more than that.
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When R.P. returns to his friends at the hospital,
he is not very much fun anymore.
Nurse Ratched is pleased.
This is what happens, she thinks,
when boys won’t stop being so silly.


Photos courtesy of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.