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Just cut and paste any of the follow expressions into the comments section of a Facebook friend’s post. Then sit back, relax, and watch the “likes,” friend invites and personal messages come pouring in (Editor’s note: the names and genders in the brackets may not be appropriate. Feel free to personalize when needed):

Happy birthday {Kelly}! Have a magical day!

You look amazing!

Awww, girl! I’m so sorry! Let’s talk soon.

So very cute! Your child is beautiful.

LMFAO! I just snorted something from my nose!

OMG! What is WRONG with her?!

I love that you are so passionate about politics. You are amazing.



Too funny!

{She} is so cute! Look at that hair!

I can’t get over how cute {she} is!

So glad the {Yellow Jackets} won! You must be very excited.

What a cutie!

You are strong and beautiful and amazing. {Dwayne} doesn’t deserve you.