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Alert readers of my humble blog may remember a story I shared a few months ago about how I accidentally “tossed” my wife’s favorite concrete angel yard ornament over our fence, and broke it. If you don’t remember this heart-wrenching tale, you can read it here.

Today I am pleased to report that there is a happy ending to the Tossed Angel saga. A couple of weeks ago, we visited our friend, who was getting ready to have a garage sale. We were chatting on her back deck when my wife happened to look out on the neighbor’s backyard. There, hanging from an iron hook was a concrete angel, exactly like the one I had defiled more than two years ago. My wife stared at that angel, knowing it belonged to the now-divorced wife of the disgraced concrete sculptor.

Meet the new angel...

Meet the new angel…

“How much does she want for it?” she asked.

“Oh, that thing?” said our friend, taking a long drag from her Marlboro Red. “Hell, she’ll pay you to take it.”

My wife gazed longingly at the angel.

“Just go get it,” our friend said.

Without another word, my wife walked over to the neighboring yard and plucked that cherub off his hook.

“Shouldn’t we at least tell the lady that we’re taking it?” I asked, but my dear wife was already headed toward the car, the angel looking at me over her shoulder with a hollowed-eyed, vacant stare.

...same as the old angel.

…same as the old angel.

I still don’t know what she sees in that thing, but I did get a few laughs today as I read my Tossed Angel story to a gathering of Hallmarkers at the company’s annual “Word Week Coffeehouse Readings.” I am lucky to have a spouse who not only allowed me to read the piece, but was actually quite enthusiastic about it. I don’t know what that says about our marriage, but I hope it’s mostly positive.