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Never let it be said that the airlines don’t care about their customers. Over the past few days, I have received regular posts on my Facebook news feed from Delta Airlines, “inviting” me to upgrade to economy class on my upcoming flights and get “up to four inches” of additional leg room. Of course, this means an additional charge of at least $9 per seat. The skies may be friendly, but they aren’t free!

Airline annoyances aside, I am a little disturbed by the number of advertisements appearing on my Facebook news feed from businesses that I have patronized but never “liked” on Facebook. And some of the entities that I have actually “liked” are now inundating me with rambling posts that I don’t have the time or interest in reading (for example, I thought I liked R.E.M. until I starting getting updates from them every day. Someone should tell their marketing person that the band broke up two years ago).

I know, I know… if I don’t want to be marketed to, I should just cancel all my social networking accounts. It may come to that some day. Until then, there’s a new post on my feed about how to power my cell phone with a solar charger that I absolutely must ignore.

Image from Delta Airlines’ Facebook page.